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About Basics Express

Basics Express is an internet based advertising publication. The scope is online internet newspaper and video reporting with in-depth analyses/commentaries on Nigeria and African affairs covering issues with regards to politics, business and communications.  BasicsExpress focus is covering latest headlines, business and commerce, sports and entertainment, good governance, youth Orientation, health, law and order.
In a nutshell, Basics Express is a pan Nigeria publication with emphasis on all-inclusive national views, striving to keep a balance of views from the different groups of people that make up our reading and viewing audience.
Basics Express is anchored in Lagos, Nigeria and Elizabeth, New Jersey USA with satellites covering North, South, East and West of Nigeria, in metropolitan areas including, Kaduna, Ondo, Markurdi, Onitsha, Enugu, Aba, Port Harcourt.  Our uniqueness stems from a vast network of professional colleagues, friends and associates worldwide.


To practice high quality journalism that strives to keep a balance of views from the diverse groups of people who make up our viewing and reading audience.


To become a renowned internet newspaper, providing media contents and advertising channels in Nigeria and Africa, with oversea operation in USA, through web application and quality banners placements.

Editorial Policy

BasicsExpress editors comb the corners of Nigeria and the U.S. to deliver the very best in communication style, headline news, politics, business and commerce via web site newspaper video reporting, and email alerts to subscribers.

Scheduled time of publication:
 monthly profiles
biweekly turn the page of featured companies,
Weekly in-debth analysis/commentaries
daily balance of news and events.

The Basics Express Communication is an online, multimedia, advertising portal.  We adhere to a common set of professional journalistic principles that guide our staff, thought processes and operations. We maintain an individual and collective responsibility to uphold these principles/policies throughout our news organization, as, we engage established and emerging media practitioners from around the world.  Basics Express Communication is open and welcoming to contributions from the many professionals who meet at the crossroads of information sharing.

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